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URBIS24 - Workshop

16. - 18. September 2024
ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, IT

The URBIS24 (URBan Insights from Space) Workshop will gather a diverse community of urban policymakers, Earth Observation researchers, service providers and various end-users. This event will offer an insightful exploration of urban challenges and innovative EO-integrated solutions.

United Nations Conference on Space Law and Policy 2024

19. - 21. November 2024
Vienna International Center, AT

This conference aims to promote adherence to the five United Nations treaties on outer space and assist States in implementing these treaties, thereby supporting their Sustainable Development Goals. The event will highlight the importance of international and regional cooperation in peaceful space activities and the development of national space programs. Key discussions will focus on the role of international space law in promoting these efforts and the need for adequate education opportunities in space law, especially for developing countries.

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                    Ein Messestand, der über Erdbeobachtung und Weltraumaktivitäten in Österreich informiert. Davor stehen interessierte Besucher:innen, die aufmerksam die ausgestellten Plakate studieren.

Austria in Space at #LNF22

Austria in Space participated at the "Lange Nacht der Forschung" (Long Night of Research) this year.


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